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Last year I started using to fill out my family tree. My uncle used to do this for us, but after his death it fell to me. Sadly, my uncle was using really old methods of books and library clippings, when he could have just used the internet. But oh well. I guess that’s why it fell to me of the younger, more technologically friendly generation.

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So I had all these holes in the family tree that still needed to be filled. I had always heard about and decided to give it a try. What I didn’t know was that it actually cost money! I was not impressed with that, since I don’t have much money to dedicate to this genealogy things. I signed up for the free trial. Actually, I was really surprised at how many holes I was able to fill with just the free trial. But then the trial was over, and I found myself stuck again because I couldn’t afford the membership. CouponOur family tree stagnated for a few months. People kept asking me for “new updates,” but I had none to give. After a while, they stopped asking. I guess they thought I had quit doing it. Well, I had, but not because I wanted to. When Christmas time rolled around, I realized that I should search online for an coupon so I could complete our family tree for everyone.

On Christmas day, I found the very coupon that’s listed here on Coupon Code Spy. For the rest of my winter vacation, I spent time on going through all the great resources. Within a couple of weeks, I had managed to fill the remaining holes in our tree. I was so happy that I had a bunch of copies made and sent it out to family members with the money I save by using the coupon.

Considering how happy my family was to get their completed trees, I think I made a good decision with asking for a coupon for Christmas. I bet they won’t make fun of me again if I ask for another one for my birthday. They didn’t realize how much could benefit them as well as me. Well, now they know!

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