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Care For Your Bothered Feline With Feliway

Our present-day lifestyle is not always agreeing with our little feline friends. Just like us, our cats love a calm and peaceful environment to live in. But various situations can make them anxious. For a species that enjoys being in control of its territories, the chaos of modern life often takes that comfort away. Making your cat anxious, distressed or unhappy. 

How can you help in these situations and make it a little easier for your little friend? The Feliway spray brings your cats the right comfort they need when their surroundings make them nervous, and you can get great deals with Feliway coupon printables. 

What is the Feliway Spray?

Clinically tested and proven, the Feliway Spray can be used to help your cat deal with a stressful situation and reduce unwanted behaviour. Have you noticed your cat lately peeing outside their litter box, scratching on your furniture and belongings, hiding, or displaying unusual behaviour? Your little friend might be stressed or unhappy. 

The Feliway spray releases pheromones that can help your friend in these times. When they are comfortable, cats rub certain areas around your house, leaving facial pheromones as a mark of their happiness. Mimicking these very pheromones, Feliway offers a calming feline that is that they inhale “happy messages”. The product in itself is odourless and colourless. 

Situations that can Distress your Pet Feline

  • Conflict – No one enjoys conflict. Neither does your little friend. If you find your cat, it is best to use the spray and comfort them in intense situations with another animal around. Cats are solitary animals. Suppose you are bringing home a new cat or are living in a household with multiple felines. These may hinder their enjoyed isolated space. The Feliway multicat spray is beneficial for these situations.  
  • Travelling – You cannot avoid travelling, and your cat doesn’t enjoy it. Modern transportation, crowds, and newer spaces will always rile them up. This is why most of us feel extremely worried to travel with our little friends. The Feliway spray is your ideal solution. 
  • Veterinary Exams – Even adults lose their calm when it comes to checkups and needles. Naturally, your cat too hates going to their doctor.
  • Loud Situations – We always want to cuddle and protect our cats whenever there are loud fireworks outside or a thunderstorm. Even if you are hosting a house party, most loud noises can make your cat anxious. You can help them cope with their fear by using the Feliway Spray.
  • Other Changes – Are you planning to move or remodel? Do you anticipate a big change? Chances are, so does your cat, and they are not happy. 

How to correctly use the product?

Here are tips to help you know how to use the product and how not to use it. 

  • While using it, you have to spray at least 8-10 times for it to work. You should be able to see the effect on your cat almost instantly. 

  • Before travelling or going for a vet checkup, spray directly inside your cat’s basket or the vehicle at least 15 minutes before it. If it is a long car journey, make sure to use the spray every 4-5 hours. But make sure not to let your cat be around the sprayed area within the first 15 minutes of spraying. And never use the spray in their carrier while they are inside.

  • Want to prevent your cat from marking in certain parts of the house? Spray those areas directly. If they have already marked it, spray after a deep cleaning. Remember to use the spray daily to help reduce unwanted behaviour. And once these behaviours have ceased, reduce the usage. 

  • Remember to never use the spray directly on your cat.

  • Do not spray on their scratching posts but in the areas where you want them to stop scratching. There are Feliway coupons for you to reap maximum benefits at exciting prices.

  • The Feliway spray will also not help your cat pee in unwanted places if there is no clean litter tray around. 

  • Suppose your cat continues to show these signs such as peeing, scratching or unusual eating behaviour, and so on. They might be doing so due to physical discomfort. The Feliway spray cannot help your friend in these conditions. 

Is Your Cat Unhappy? Here Are the Signs

How does your cat show that they are unhappy or feeling bothered? 

  • Urinating outside their litter box or urine spraying.

  • Excess grooming, or decrease of it.

  • The tension between other cats or animals.

  • Over-eating or not eating enough,

  • Appearing withdrawn, hiding all-day and isolating themselves.

  • Vertical scratching or increased scratching in unusual places.

  • If they are meowing or hissing loudly and repeatedly.


It is time for you and your cat to stop worrying. You can enjoy maximum benefits and exciting offers by availing of their Feliway promo code and create a stress-free environment for your feline friend.

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