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What are Greenies for Dog?

Searching Dog chews and treats for freshening bad breath and reduce tartar and it should be easy to give your dog .so here we introduce you to this remarkable product which helps in maintaining the dental health of our dog in a very effective way is "GREENIES" which helps in providing strength to teeth and jaws of our furry or fight from bad breath. the most important thigh is that it will come in chewing tablet which came with great taste.

 This product is made by seeing the natural habit of the dogs is chewing which is very important for their health because it results in strengthening their teeth as well as jaws and the main thing that whatever dog chews should be good and effective if we ignore their oral health then and it can lead to some health problems so Greenies for dog is a good and effective chew which you give your furry freely.

Advantage of Greenies for dog

If we talk more about this new generation product then we will get to know some more advantages of Greenies for a dog. It's a proven fact that we should not ignore the oral health of our furry because this is directly related to the entire body and immune system of our dog. Many kinds of research after time has proved that "GREENIES" help to reduce plaque and tartar build-up in dogs and also maintain healthier gums and cleans the teeth of our dog effectively.

Overall these chew tablets reduce the risk of health-related problems of our dog which can be a serious matter of concern if ignored for a long time. Periodontal nowadays has become the most common disease in pets and you will be shocked after knowing that Plaque and Tartar are the leading contributors to this disease. And here is the good thing that "GREENIES" helps to fight these two components. So this important information is very enough to make you aware of the consequences that happen if we ignore the oral health of our dog.!!

Dosage and Administration of Greenies

So after knowing the important advantages of "GREENIES", you must also know how to give it to a dog and amount of dosage.

First of all, let us make you clear that these tablets are not suitable for dogs whose age is less than 6 months or whose weight is less than 2.26 kilograms or 5 lbs. You should also know that the dosage of every chewing product for dogs always depends on the size of the packet and most importantly the weight of the dog. In the case of "GREENIES"-

 large size should be given to the dog weight is 22.5 to 100 Kilograms. Regular size for 9 to 22 kilograms weight.Petite/ Small size for 4.5 to 9 kilograms weight and last Teenie size for 2 to 7 kilograms weight or age less than 6 month

       Chew size          Dog weight           Dosage
         Teenie          2 to 7kg            1 to 2 per day
          Petite          4.5 to 9kg            1 to 2 per day
          Regular          9 to 22kg            1 to 2 per day
           Large          22.5 to 100kg            1 to 2 per day

Give your pet 1 to 2 chew a day for some weeks until you find him good. You should note that dosage is a very important part of the process if not given properly then it can also result in spit out of the tablet by a dog. But no need to worry if you provide your dog proper dosage then it will work for sure. And after giving this chew you should observe your dog and wait for the results, in case if you don't find anything good after some days then you can also consult the doctor.

Goal To Serves You Best

As we used to say before that God made no difference between anyone and that's a true thing.

This is because no one is completely free from health-related problems now it doesn't matter that problem is small or big, if someone is suffering from any disease then he or she must be treated equally whether it is a human or an animal. So taking this topic forward we humans normally take care of our teeth by brushing, cleaning them or consulting to the dentist but what about dogs which are also a very good friend of ours. Treatment of any problem for a dog doesn't go the same way as it goes for humans.

Oral health of dogs is very important to be treated because if it increases then it will lead to serious problems. So we the team of 'COUPON-CODE-SPY' introduce you to the "GREENIES" coupon for effectively enhancing our furry oral health and provide this tasty chew at unbelievable price Because we have moto to provide you best as possible so without wasting time buy Greenies for dog and not forget to apply Greenies Coupon by which you get a massive discount on it.

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