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Different Kinds of Beds for Your Pet Dog at Furhaven

Parenting a dog is always a great experience. There are different dog breeds, and different breeds have different kinds of habits. You need to understand your pets carefully. Dogs do not demand anything. They do not show their tantrums like cats. 

Understanding the needs of your dogs will make them happier and healthier. The bonding between you and your pet dog will turn exquisite when you start understanding your dogs. The most important thing is to understand the bedding needs of your dog. 

You can find different kinds of bedding arrangements for dogs at Furhaven. In the following section, you can find different kinds of beds for your dogs.

Types of Dog Beds

Standard Dog Bed

The most common type of dog bed at Furhaven is the standard dog bed. If you are looking for a high-quality dog bed, Furhaven offers you various products that suit your requirements and budget. Standard dog beds can suit all kinds of dogs. 

If you do not know our pet dog’s preference, it is wiser to invest in a standard dog bed. The most typical shape of a standard dog bed is round, though you can find different other shapes too. Most of the manufacturers offer fleece or flannel materials for building dog beds. 

Foam padding than a polyester filling is considered more comfortable for dogs. Sometimes, cedar chips are used for managing the odour.

Nesting Dog Bed

Nesting dog beds are also regarded as highly popular as standard dog beds. At Furhaven, you can find nesting dog beds at an affordable price. The reason behind the growing popularity of nesting dog beds is similar dog beds with standard dog beds. 

It looks identical to standard dog beds, but raised edges have been added to provide more comfort to dogs. Due to the raised edges, it looks like a nest of the bird. Hence, it is known as the nesting dog bed. Different materials are used for producing nesting dog beds. At Furhaven, you can get options for both foam and polyester padding.

Kennel Dog Bed

Your furry friend will love Kennel’s dog bed. If your dog loves to spend more time inside a crate, a kennel dog bed is an ideal option for you. The most noticeable thing is that the kennel dog bed is thinner than other dog bedding arrangements. Many dogs do not like thick cushioning. 

Hence, a kennel dog bed is suitable for them. Maintenance of such a dog bed is easier. You can easily find water-resistant materials. 

Since the bed is thinner than regular bedding, it is ideal for travelling. If you want to travel with your furry friend, you should find a kennel dog bed at Furhaven. Using the Furhaven coupon can help you to get the product at a discounted rate.

Donut Dog Bed

The donut dog bed may look similar to the nesting dog bed. However, there are some prominent differences. Donut dog beds only come in round shapes, while nesting beds can come in rectangular and oval shapes. Donut dog beds come with thick cushioning, and thus they are incredibly soft. 

If your dog loves soft surfaces for sleeping, a donut dog bed is the best option. You can shop for the best donut dog bed at an affordable price at the online store of Furhaven. Donut dog beds are suitable for young dogs. If your canine-friend has turned old, a donut bed may not suit him or her.

Covered Dog Bed

Covered dog beds give the feeling of the ancient dens for the animals. Such a dog bed is a standard or nesting dog bed at the base. It additionally comes with a cover. Having the cover gives protection from the sun to your dog. In winter, the cover protects against nippy weather. 

The hooded dog bed is loved by the dogs, as they are not mere beds. They also provide the feeling of an entire house to the dogs. For small breeds of dogs, such a bed is suitable. If you have a large breed of dog, you will not get impressed by the cover on the bed.

Heated Dog Bed

For keeping small dogs, you can invest money in heated dog beds. Not only small dogs, but naturally skinny dogs will also feel incredibly comfortable on such beds. Heating has been done through heating pads and electric blankets. 

In most of the beds, heating can be controlled through regulators. You can enhance the heating at night, while no heating may be required during the daytime. Use the Furhaven promo code to purchase such a bed for your dog at a discounted price. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many dog beds available at the Furhaven. Furhaven coupons offer you great discounts on these beds. Using the Furhaven coupon code, you can avail these offers and enjoy shopping for your furry one.

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